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Through Inspiration

Creativity Through Inspiration
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Sam's Place Design is a place to show off your handcrafted creations. Possible items include, tote bags, purses, jewlery, handcrafted cards, scrapbooking materials, altered books, belts, skirts, tops, pajamas, paintings, patterns, candles, specialty soaps, photography and much more. Feedback and the sharing of ideas are encouraged.

Members are encouraged to post pictures of their own handcrafted producs. Posting pictures and ideas will inspire others to create their own items. Members who have been active in posting pictures, as well as commenting to others, may request to have selling privileges granted to them. Selling privileges will allow the member to post items along with information on how to purchase them. Feedback on "sellers" will be posted. This community is not responsible for sales transactions which must be completed through email or some other form of communication. If a member tries to sell products without having prior approval, the post will immediately be closed and the member will be warned. Three warnings will result in removal from the community.

These guidelines are set in place to ensure the safety of our members. Remember, comments and constructive criticism are definitely welcomed!

...Creativity through Inspiration...


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